Q&A at Uilenspel’s inspirational day

nadia kara workshop

Uilenspel, a non profit connecting volunteers to underprivileged children in order to offer them assistance with school work, recently organised their ‘inspirational day’. This year’s focus: polarization and connection. 

In order to create dialogue, I hosted a Q&A during which participants could ask any questions they had about polarization, diversity, inclusion, racism, antiracism, etc. For the workshop, I decided to work with a “no taboo, no judgment” approach: the idea was to create a space where participants could ask anything that stood in the way of their learning process, and educate themselves with a better understanding of concepts like privilege, stereotypes, safe.r spaces and so on.

Participants also received a list of useful resources (books, articles, podcasts…) allowing them to work further on their education.